Saturday, 26 April 2014

Anzac weekend scarf

A three day weekend and a whole day without any plans... out came the wool!  First I had a flick through some old Felt magazines for a bit of inspiration, and in Issue #1 I revisited a great article on 'Extreme Texture with Myfanwy Stirling', by Michelle Moriarty.  Myfanwy is the daughter of well-known Australian feltmaker Polly Stirling, credited with developing the Nuno felting technique.  The focus of the article is mainly on the use of small resists that are later cut out to form colourful slashes in garments.  But I was intrigued by a clever 'bow' pattern formed with a resist that was pictured without instructions... well, I love to try and figure out how things are done!

I made one of my 'infinity' scarves incorporating the 'bow', I've made quite a number of these scarves now, many of which have been given to friends and family!  I continue to experiment and hopefully improve my design, its also a good project to try out new textures and colours like this, here I also added some blue goat hair curls.

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