Monday, 30 April 2012

From a photo

Each year, the CRF hold a club competition.  In 2010 we were each given a sealed envelope with a photo inside - we were to use this as our inspiration!  Here is the pot-luck photo I was given.
Perspective, colour, shapes, opening, depth, intrigue, layers... so many ideas!  I knew I wanted to make something like a Matryoshka (russian doll), and for it to have a geometric feel - nested boxes.  However, I was quite a novice with limited experience to draw on!  But one thing I had learnt was to felt a ball... Then, looking closely at this picture, you see there is a ball on the table - perfect!  Here is my interpretation of this photo.  I'm proud to say I won the club competition with this piece, and got to keep the 'Ashes' for a year!

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